View Full Version : Color Film Suggestion. INPUT PLEASE!

3-Jul-2008, 18:55
Hey Everyone,

I am kind of new to the 4x5 format (6 months) and I am currently shooting with Kodak 160NC film. I have been hearing more and more about people using slide film so wonder what everyone thought of the pros and cons of that, also I am interested in the kodak 400NC. I shoot a lot outdoors at night, twilight hours and need something that could handle both.

I am open to any film suggestions. I really like great color. Very very fine grain. Anyones help would/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Mellen
3-Jul-2008, 19:33
Slide films or E6 each have there own characteristics, I would suggest going to Fuji and Kodak's websites and select the film from the specs that best suits your type of shooting. Most Photographers has there own theory on how each film produces and personal prefrences. each film has its own make up making them each unique, no 2 films are just alike in the way it preforms.
My personal preferences are:
Low light/ prime time I prefer Velvia, Provia .... night photography Provia ..... Night scenes with extremely long exposures Tungsten or Provia is my personal choice.. Astia also works well for the line up of Fuji's films.

Ron Marshall
3-Jul-2008, 20:32
I used to shoot only positive film, Fuji Astia, but now only neg film for the greater range of light levels they will handle.

Current neg films are very fine grained and scan well.

I have not tried the 400 speed neg films, but do a search on this site, they have been discussed.