View Full Version : Tim Atherton??

Jim Jirka
3-Jul-2008, 12:24
I have noticed Tim Atherton has been missing in action on his blog site.

Does anyone have any information as to where he may be? I hope everything is okay.

Kirk Gittings
3-Jul-2008, 12:38
Looks like he hasn't posted since May? Hope he is alright. I emailed him to see.

Brian Ellis
4-Jul-2008, 11:28
Kirk - Any response to your email? I've noticed that Tim hasn't been around here lately and wondered too. We miss his knowledge and contributions.

robert lyons
5-Jul-2008, 10:01
hi, i also tried emailing tim about 1 month ago....never got a reply....thought maybe he is away on a trip....though his blog just stopped suddenly??

Kirk Gittings
5-Jul-2008, 10:42
I have had no response. I've never met Tim except thru e-versing. How old is he?

5-Jul-2008, 17:39
He also has not posted to his blog since May 13

5-Jul-2008, 18:09

Ed Richards
5-Jul-2008, 18:20
Looks like the dreaded blogger-burn-out syndrome.

Paul Fitzgerald
6-Jul-2008, 13:18
"Tim Atherton" does not exist, that was Jorge's alias :eek:

actually I hope he's doing well and having fun.

23-Jul-2008, 19:13
Seems to be posting again. Or at least someone with that name is.

Greg Lockrey
23-Jul-2008, 19:18
"Tim Atherton" does not exist, that was Jorge's alias :eek:

:D :D :D
I don't doubt that for an instant.