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2-Jul-2008, 16:41

Others have written about the Toyo 45 carbon fiber camera elsewhere on this site. I'd just like to throw out my two cents.

Based on my limited experience, this camera is very very poorly made. I ordered one a while back and when I received it I found that the rail that the front standard sits on for focusing was not even the same size as the rail in the rear standard that it sits on when the camera is folded up. This, in effect, rendered the camera completely useless since the front standard could not even be mounted onto the front rail. I sent the camera back and was sent a replacement. This camera suffered significant alignment issues. These were somewhat evident when the camera was in the "neutral" position and became increasingly apparent when shifting the front standard left or right. If you are the type of photographer who shoots static subjects at f64, this kind of thing may not bother you, since your depth of field will mask these alignment problems. But if you'd like to have the confidence in your camera's alignment to shoot more wide open, then this camera may not be for you.

I would add to this that, prior to making the mistake of buying a 45CF, I shot with a 45AII for several years, and prior to that an older monorail. Like many others on this site, I find the 45AII to be very well made and very reliable. (My only complaint regards the limited front rise, a question of design not construction.) In short, for those who are accustomed to the 45AII/45AX quality design and construction, be aware that you may find yourselves dissatisfied with the 45CF.

Eric Rose
2-Jul-2008, 17:15
I've always called them 4x5 Holgas. But in all fairness I have a couple of friends that have them and I haven't heard any complaints yet.

Brad Rippe
4-Jul-2008, 20:54
I have a CF and have had a totally different experience. This isn't an Ebony, but it works perfectly for backpacking; 3.5 lbs, solid and smooth.

See my other posts on this camera. My main camera is an Arca Swiss F-Line Field camera that is amazing, and by comparison blows the CF away, but the CF works great for me for multiday trips, I wouldn't trade it for anything.....Well, maybe I'd TRADE it for an Ebony.


Michael Graves
5-Jul-2008, 04:59
I had an opportunity to try a CF not too long ago. As an educator, I had the option of purchasing one at a substantial discount. Having owned an 810M, a 5x7 and a 4x5 G for several years, I had high hopes. However, as MMO pointed out, the construction isn't top notch as with my other cameras. It didn't look pathetic...just cheap. It also has limited movements. I think with care and tender treatment, someone with limited need for camera movements would do well with the camera. OTOH, my Crown Graphic is nearly as capable as far as movements go, and it FEELS like a camera. For far less money than a new CF, one could acquire a very decent Crown and a couple of lenses.

5-Jul-2008, 10:45
Yes The Toyo 45CF has its limits , But each of us make choices and have a set of thoughts than govern our purchase, me Short money and for a Field Camera that is very Light , Could not afford a new Chamonix camera, Thought I had a Zone VI but sent it back because the back was very loose and with that amount of money being spend on the camera , I felt I should not need to make repairs to It !
Now if some one is looking for a Zone VI camera in very condition and are willing to make necessary adjustment to camera so the back will not move around and has a bail back send me a PM I'll tell you where it is:

So I found a Toyo 45CF ,one owner had even the orginal booklet with and the Infinity stop adjument wrench with it : Yes I can see how some of you folks can consider it cheap looking : But It Will Work for me for now!