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2-Jul-2008, 10:30
First I want to thank you all who have helped me erlier on this site.
Now I have questions about the Symmetrigons (the 4/4 designs actually, not the older 6/4).
This is an interesting design, not like the standard plasmat type. Do they really cover 72 degrees or ir that just the cut-off-limit?
Are all in #1-shutters? Filter sizes?
I know from before that some mentioned the cross-sections of them. Are there somelitterature that is available about them? Id be very interested. Are they optimized for 1:5, 1:10 or 1:20? Are they APO-corrected?

This is a lot of questions, but thank you in advance.

Paul Fitzgerald
2-Jul-2008, 18:22
"Are they APO-corrected?"

the ones that were are engraved 'APO Computar Symmetrigon'

"Are all in #1-shutters?"

yes, all 3 of mine have been in #1 shutters

"Filter sizes?"

all 3 are different sized, the 150 measures 55mm, 210 takes 72mm

"Are they optimized for 1:5, 1:10 or 1:20?"

I believe they were optimized for inf. Very nice lenses, under valued, make sure it has it's "perfect lens shade" if you buy one.

Have fun with the hunt.

3-Jul-2008, 04:06
Thank you very much!

Im interested in buying/reading litterature about them Is there someone who has got such litterature?

Chuck Pere
3-Jul-2008, 10:30
Here is a data sheet. Hope it looks OK.

3-Jul-2008, 12:36
Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for. I hope I can help you next time.