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Jarrell Conley
18-Sep-1998, 13:45
I have an old camera that I bought from a guy years ago. It's a 5x7 view camera of sorts, wooden field type. The front name plate says, Korona View, Gundlach-Ma nhattan Optical Co. It has a Betax #3 Wollensak shutter and a Wollensak Velostic mat 7 1/4 inch lens mounted in a lens board about 3 1/2 x 5 inches. The lenspeed is f/4.5. The shutter doesn't work, but the diaphragm looks ok. Their is a rubb er type bulb on a 3 ft. rubber tube to, I suppose, open the shutter in order to focus/compose etc. It has no swings or tilts on the front, only rise. The back h as tilts but no swings or rise. Does anyone know anything about the company, the lens , the shutter?

Steve Pfaff
24-Sep-1998, 20:24
For a short history of the company see, http:// roundtable.cif.rochester.edu/users/ardavis/history/kingslake.html