View Full Version : What is this camera back???

W K Longcor
1-Jul-2008, 19:41
I have a nice old tailboard style 8x10 camera ( sometime I'll upload a photo, - maybe someone can identify it for me.) . Anyway, in the camera case is this item which seems to be a camera back. At least it fits exactly where the regular back fits. There are two sheets of glass. The glass toward the lens is about 6 3/4 x 8 inches. it sets into the main framework - against some felt. the other glass is about 7 3/4 x 9 inches and is held against the first glass by the two hinged wooden pieces ( there is a "lip" under the edge of these pieces which holds the glass. Two hooks hold the wood pieces in closed position. The glasses "criss-cross" dimentionally. What the heck is it???:confused:

Diane Maher
2-Jul-2008, 05:14
It looks like it could be some sort of contact printing device. There doesn't really seem to be a place to fit a film or plate holder.

W K Longcor
2-Jul-2008, 05:22
But if it is a contact printing frame of some sort -- why would it be made to fit the camera? It attaches to the camera the same as the 8x10 back. I had thought it may be a negative holder -- by which the camera could be used as an enlarger. But if that were so, I would think it would have been for 8x10 film (or glass plate) -- the actual opening is about 6 3/4 x 7 1/2 inches.

2-Jul-2008, 05:38
Taking a complete stab in the dark here, but if the main frame held a groundglass and the hinged frame held a mirror, you could look down at an upright (but still left/right reversed) image.

Peter K
2-Jul-2008, 05:40
Perhaps it's a holder for an autographic screen to make pre-press negatives for letterpress printing.

2-Jul-2008, 05:41
It kind of looks like a negative retouching frame.

2-Jul-2008, 05:44
maybe it is just a coincidence that it fits the camera and it is used for something else...
i would imagine the manufacturer could have used the same wood
dimensions ( already cut + on hand ) to make it and several different
reducing backs for the camera as well as a contact printing or retouching device ( for plates or film ).

W K Longcor
2-Jul-2008, 05:54
Well, the fact that there are so many "maybe"s and no one had a definite answer, makes me think I at least have something interesting!

Jim Galli
2-Jul-2008, 06:10
Looks like you could put a finished neg in it and turn your camera into an enlarger?