View Full Version : Opposite of recessed lens board

arkady n.
30-Jun-2008, 10:18
Forgive the newbie question, What is the name of the opposite of recessed lens board? I have a lens that that stretches my bellows to the max and I am running out of rail space. Would mounting that lens in a lens board that is sticking out help this problem? Are there any issues with such lens boards that I should be aware of? Can the recessed boards be simply turned around to achieve this?

Thank you in advance

Ron Marshall
30-Jun-2008, 10:27
Top-Hat board or extension board.

Bob Salomon
30-Jun-2008, 11:18
Wista makes an Extension Lensboard set that fits cameras that use Technika type boards (4x5).

30-Jun-2008, 11:45
In the Eurozone: a TUBUS.

Ernest Purdum
30-Jun-2008, 18:19
Some recessed lensboards can be turned around, others cannot, at least without modification. It all depends on the design of the light trapping where the board goes in.

If you use a long extension, your tilts and swings get funny though not as bad as a telephoto lens. Rise, fall and shifts are unaffected.