View Full Version : Schneider 6X vs Rodenstock 6X Loupe

Greg Liscio
30-Jun-2008, 07:18

Comments please. Which has the larger objective?

I was told the skirt on the rodenstock loupe holds in the extended position through friction, and I was wondering if, after some use, there is a problem keeping it extended when against the glass.


Bob Salomon
30-Jun-2008, 07:30
The 6x Rodenstock loupe has a skirt that reverses, not slides. The 3x Rodenstock loupe also has a reversing skirt. The 4X has the sliding skirt.

So there is no possible chance of the 3x or 6x skirt sliding. You physically have to pull the skirt off (it click locks in place) turn it around and push it back into place unil it locks again with a click.

Like the Rodenstock 3x and 4x the 6x is also an aspheric.

As the Rodenstock lens division was sold to Linos several years ago the loupes still bear the Rodenstock logo but the boxes today have a Linos sticker on them.