View Full Version : Newton's rings only on 35mm but not 6x6

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
3-Apr-2001, 09:00
A little off topic... I'm getting Newton's rings on my old Durst M600 with 35mm - but not with 6x6. A ny ideas why? Could it be the different thickness of the film? Any suggested cures? Many thanks in advance.

Scott Walton
3-Apr-2001, 09:50
If you have anti newton glass, put a dehumidifier in your darkroom. With added dryness you will have to be more diligent in your dusting and static control. Cheers

Ken Burns
3-Apr-2001, 12:29
Which films are you using? If the films are B&W, you might find that the 120 film has a retouching surface on the film base. This can help prevent problems with Newton's rings. Retouching surfaces are seldom if ever used on the base side of 35mm films. If the films are color, then I can't help there. I haven't switched over to color yet!