View Full Version : Seikosha-SLV shutter no "T" settings?

29-Jun-2008, 06:30
Hi all,

I'm new to LF, would appreciate some clarifications.
I have a Super-Angulon 90/8 on a Seikoshar-SLV shutter that looks modern.

However, I can't do "T" settings.

Am I doomed to use one of those cables with release-lock with this shutter? or is there a trick that I haven't found yet to trigger the "T" functionality?

Thanks beforehand.

Peter K
29-Jun-2008, 06:56
The Super-Angulon 8/90 was originaly mounted in a Compur #00 shutter. This small shutters also wheren't equiped with "T". So a cable release with lock function is the only way with older SA's.

29-Jun-2008, 07:34
Man, just my luck. Now of course the only release cable with lock that I can vaguely remember owning is hiding somewhere in the house where it'll take me weeks to find it.


Thanks, Peter!

29-Jun-2008, 08:38
Why would you NOT want to use a cable release since it handily prevents jarring the camera by clumsy fingers (at least mine are clumsy). I've got a cable release dedicated to each of my large format lenses, just to save time and fumbling when setting up for a shot.


29-Jun-2008, 08:43
Naw, didn't say I would not use one.

Just have to find one :) you've added good reasons to use one though, thanks!