View Full Version : Restoration and service recommendations

28-Jun-2008, 08:28
Evening all,

I've just purchased a Technika III and would like it restored/serviced as it hasn't seen much action in the past 10 years.

Can anyone recommend a reputable company in the US/Europe?


Dave Parker
28-Jun-2008, 09:00
You should send a note to Bob Solomon, I believe the company he works with does this service.


Bruce Barlow
28-Jun-2008, 09:18
Richard Ritter 802-365-7807. It's best to call him and speak to him directly about the specifics of what you want.

Paddy McKay
28-Jun-2008, 09:27
If the bellows is going to be replaced, then Camera Bellows, in England is the best choice. They provide factory new bellows for Technikas. I had my Tech V done by them a few years ago, and it's perfect.


Bob Salomon
28-Jun-2008, 10:38
Marflex is the only factory authorized Linhof service center in the USA 252 652 4401

28-Jun-2008, 11:01
Thanks all, being based in South Africa, i'm happy to ship anywhere.

Will call in the week