View Full Version : first attempt with petzval

27-Jun-2008, 18:14
This was my first attempt with the petzval 6 1/2 f5. I used the hat trick for a shutter. I think this lens might be a keeper. Should I invest in a packard? Will that fit on a cambo 4x5?


Brian Bullen
27-Jun-2008, 18:46
Greg, looks great! Looks like you timed the hat pretty well.

27-Jun-2008, 20:26
take it outside at dusk (or grab some ND filters) and really see it shine. Like so...


Jon Wilson
27-Jun-2008, 20:51
You can even use a petzval with color film. :eek: Here is a shot of my son.

27-Jun-2008, 20:53
nice! I can't wait to get more use out of these lenses. What type of lenses are you using? Do you have a shutter or are you using the magic hat?

Jon Wilson
27-Jun-2008, 21:18
I typically use a packard shutter and a variety of petzval lens. This particular "color" shot was taken with a 6 inch Gasc & Charconnet (sp) imported by Geo. Bryant & Co. petzval lens and I shot it with a 4x5 sheet of velvia.

Ernest Purdum
28-Jun-2008, 08:58
Regarding a Packard on a Cambo 4x5, the Packard's outer dimensions re roughly twice the opening. You also have to remember that it is necessary to get the air tube through the lensboard.

Some people front mount Packard shutters and others use front-mount shutters such as those made by Luc, Gitzo and others. These can be helpful when your lensboard isn't big enough to accommodate the size of Packard you need.