View Full Version : Spanner/mounting wrench for Linhof Schneider Symmar 150mm convertible

Randall Huff
27-Jun-2008, 12:47

I recently acquired a nice Linhof Schneider Symmar 1:5.6/150mm convertible lens which is mounted on a Technika lensboard. I noticed that the shutter/lens are a bit loose on the lensboard (they sometimes move a bit when cocking the shutter) so I'd like to tighten the retaining ring. Will a Rodenstock or Toyo mounting wrench fit the retaining ring with this older lens (which is in the Linhof [Compur?] shutter) or will I need to buy an adjustable spanner wrench to fit and tighten the retaining ring? I'd like to be able to save some money by buying a Toyo or Rodenstock wrench if possible.

Thanks for any information!

27-Jun-2008, 13:06
The make doesn't matter, the different shutters use the same size retaining rings. A lens wrench should fit a variety of shutter sizes anyway.


Bob Salomon
27-Jun-2008, 13:47
The 150mm lens for a Technika is normally mounted on a Technika recessed lens board (in your case the proper board for that lens was the old version of the 001015 lens board). If you have the lens in that board the Rodenstock type wrench will not work. If it is on a flat board it will work.

The Linos wrench (proper name for the Rodenstock wrench) fits Copal and Compur 0, 1 and 3 size shutters. The Toyo wrenches that I have only fit 0 and 1 size shutters.

Walter Calahan
27-Jun-2008, 14:06
SK Grimes makes and sells wonderful spanner wrenches.


Kevin Crisp
27-Jun-2008, 14:33
The Grimes one is a terrific tool. If the back of the board is recessed a little it still works.

Randall Huff
28-Jun-2008, 16:33
Thanks to everyone for your help!

Ole Tjugen
29-Jun-2008, 03:08
BTW, the 150 Symmar convertible is in a #1 shutter.

I bought a SK Grimes adjustable spanner since I use lenses in 00, 0, 01, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 shutters, as well as several old pre-standardisation sizes. It's my most useful tool.