View Full Version : oversize beattie screen

25-Jun-2008, 16:58
I need any technical advise regarding cutting the screen. Focal & glass screen are 2mm longer than my technika v screen frame. There are glass cutting tools available on the market. would It be help or risk?

Dave Parker
25-Jun-2008, 17:11
If I remember correctly, the Bettie is actually plastic, if that is the case, NO, you can not cut it with a glass cutter, this is specialized work. Did you order it new? if so, you should be able to send back to them and they should be able to provide the correct screen for your camera. Just to add, the tech screen should be 100mm x 127mm, it is just a tad under 4 inches on the long side...But Bettie, should be able to provide the correct screens to fit this camera.

Dave Parker
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