View Full Version : Alternatives to Fotoman focusing helical??

25-Jun-2008, 16:24

I'm planning on buying Robert's custom wide-angle camera. It sits a 65mm lens and 4x5 GG. The focus is fixed at infinity.

Since I can't afford a Hasselblad SWC any time soon, I plan to purchase this, then upgrade it with a focusing helical to allow focusing of sorts.

I see this focusing helical here:

Are there any alternatives, or am I stuck with this one option for a quality helical?

I'm looking at a lot of work anyway (removing the front plate, manufacturing a replacement, and adjusting it to be the correct infinity distance for a helical).

Any help would be appreciated.


25-Jun-2008, 16:28
Here's the concept:

Fit one of these (of any brand)

In place of that bit

Bob Salomon
25-Jun-2008, 17:42
Rodenstock and Schneider make fully calibrated helical focusing mounts with F and M scales as well as DOF scales for each of their lenses in 0 shutter. It is very easy to mount a lens into one and to mount one on a board or a camera directly.