View Full Version : Is a 240mm a good choice for a general purpose 4x5" studio lens?

Stefan Geysen
1-Apr-2001, 06:30
I am being offered a LF kit consisting of the following items: Cambo Legend 2 wi th Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-N 240mm, Manfrotto TriAut tripod with Super Pro head, 545 polaroid holder and 10 Fidelity holders. All this,in mint condition, for onl y 875 US $.

My question: is the 240 a good choice for general studio photography? I guess the standard choice is a 210, but a 240 doesn't seem to be that much dif ferent.

Paul Schilliger
1-Apr-2001, 12:32
I can't speak for the Cambo, but the Apo-Sironar N 240 is considered as the stud io photographer's workhorse, with an image circle exceeding 8x10. I don't think the Copal #3 it uses is a drawback fo r studio photography. As you said, there is not that much difference with a 210 and if you have the space to work, a narrower angle makes background integration easier. Price seems good!

Michael S. Briggs
1-Apr-2001, 16:20
The LF kit sounds like a super deal at the price. A lens of 240 mm focal length will work well as long as your studio isn't very small.

Ellis Vener
2-Apr-2001, 14:25
"...If your studio is too small..." and if you have enough bellows draw for close up work. The lens should be terrific.

James Colburn
2-Apr-2001, 17:19
Just buy the thing before someone else gets it. Or send me the guys number and I'll buy it.....

Garry Edwards
3-Apr-2001, 05:53
I would say that the 240mm is the ideal 5"x4" studio lens, given sufficient working space.

Stefan Geysen
7-Apr-2001, 11:29
Thanks everyone for contributing an answer. I've come across a couple of books about studio photography that recommend the 240mm too. Today, I bought the camera, and it seems I've scored an amazing deal: the camera and all that came with it looks and functions like new, but I only paid 1/4 of what it would cost new!