View Full Version : LF Photography in Sri Lanka

Mark J A Iveson
1-Apr-2001, 06:02
I am planning a trip to Sri Lanka and would like ANY advice about taking my LF equipment (Wista 45DX ). Areas such as film (i only use colour-preferably transparency) and the effects of high humidity. Has anyone been to Sri Lanka and experienced any problems with the authorities and photographing historical sites ? I would be grateful of any advice, as I am very much at the early learning stage in LF. Thanks Mark Iveson

Dirk visbach
7-Apr-2001, 22:36
Dear mark I was in Sri Lanka two years ago and had no problems with film. I used Fuji Astia and Velvia rolfilms with a Linhof Technika to make 6x9 cm slides. When you make pictures of historical sites you can get problems with the police. They have a serious problem with terrorists. In Kandy has been a bomb attack. The police investigated that the site was first photographed. So from that moment everybody with a big professionel camera is suspect. My guide said I should have asked for a Photo permit before traveling. I think it is the best to ask the embassy of Sri Lanka in your country. Good luck Dirk Visbach