View Full Version : Century Graphic 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 lens question

David Rheubottom
25-Jun-2008, 09:22
We have just acquired a Century Graphic 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 for my wife's use, but cannot figure how to open the shutter on the Graflar f/4.5 101mm to focus using the ground glass. (Practical) Advice would be welcome. Cheers, David

Ernest Purdum
25-Jun-2008, 09:41
I'm not sure which shutter you have, but the usual approach if it has only a "Bulb" setting is to use a cable release with a lock to hold it open.

If this isn't the answer you need, please describe the shutter.

25-Jun-2008, 11:42
Most Century Graphics come with a shutter which has a "T" position (T = time). Press the shutter release once to open the shutter for viewing, and again to close the shutter.
Great little camera. Have fun!

David Rheubottom
25-Jun-2008, 12:14
Nope! This one doesn't have a "T". The lenses that I have for my 4X5 MPP VII all have a preview button (or a "T" stop), but this little lens does not. But thanks for the suggestion. Cheers, David

Dan Fromm
25-Jun-2008, 12:23
Hmm. I just looked at the Century shutter my 103/4.5 Graftar is in. It has a "T" speed, all the way at the left end of the shutter speed scale, after B and 200. No blade arrester, as I suggested on www.graflex.org

When you ask questions about a shutter, it really helps to identify it.



Dave Brown
25-Jun-2008, 12:40
It's possible your lens came from a TLR, hence no preview lever; however I would still expect it to have a "T" setting. I'm guessing the shutter is a Rapax or a Graphex (they're identical) if not, what brand is it?

If you're more familiar with Copal shutters, the Rapax/Graphex operates differently; the shutter must be cocked before depressing the preview button. On Compurs, (depending on vintage) there may be a small button opposite the shutter speed pointer which must be moved back and held before firing the shutter at any speed to enter preview mode.

Perhaps you could post a photo of your shutter so we could better understand your problem.

David Rheubottom
25-Jun-2008, 12:41
The shutter in question is a Prontor-SVS with stops which range from B and from 1 - 300.

Pat Hilander
25-Jun-2008, 13:01
The shutter in question is a Prontor-SVS with stops which range from B and from 1 - 300.

You can always set it on "B" and hold the cable release while you focus.

David Rheubottom
26-Jun-2008, 06:31
Thanks to all those who responded... and apologies to those who found the posting of the same question on other forums to be offensive (or unnecessary)!

26-Jun-2008, 09:52
My Prontor has a separate little lever that opens the shutter for focusing. It is not the same as the lever that sets the shutter times. IIRC, this one presses down towards the lens.