View Full Version : Lens suggestions on a 8x15 inch camera

23-Jun-2008, 23:22
I just dropped some cash and got an 8x15 camera for a decent deal. I am going to be shooting wetplate on it and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a decent lens to throw on this beast. This my first foray into ULF and I figure that anything that will work on 11x14 will work on this. Im guessing something like a dallmeyer 3d is too small. Maybe a 4 series?


Ernest Purdum
24-Jun-2008, 08:11
You're right about thinking 11 X 14 coverage is enough. The 8 X 15 diagonal is slightly smaller.

A 3D Dallmeyer is much too small. I assume you want a lens of a type used in the wet-plate period. The Patent Portrait types would seem to me somewhat out of place on a panoramic format, though maybe you have something in mind that I don't realize. I would think a "landscape" (single achromat) or Rapid Rectilinear type would be appropriate. You'd have to find a big one, though, probably 17" or more.

Ole Tjugen
24-Jun-2008, 10:16
Landscape lens, Aplanat, or even better: a Steinheil Gruppen-Antiplanet! :p

24-Jun-2008, 21:28
yeah, didn't really think about the fact that a portrait lens will look a bit off on a pano format. I do plan on shooting some portraits with this, perhaps expand my vision and move the subject around in the frame (off center and the like). I have a ton of bellows on this so a 17" wont be a problem, just need to find one. Ole, got one you want to get rid of?

Kirk Fry
24-Jun-2008, 21:48
14 inch Commercial Ektar.


Ole Tjugen
24-Jun-2008, 23:47
Ole, got one you want to get rid of?

I have one, but I'm not really planning to get rid of it. It does a great (but unusual) job on 24x30cm. It's also an amazingly heavy lens, which shouldn't be that amazing since it's almost solid glass with no spacing inside!

Jim Galli
25-Jun-2008, 09:19
Rear cell on most any Verito you may already have. Even the rear of the 8 3/4" would work fine. You've probably already got some lenses laying around that would work. Try the front group of the 3D moved to the rear by itself. Have fun. I've got one of those India 6X15's I need to sell. Maybe this weekend.

25-Jun-2008, 11:12
Jim, what is your impression of the build quality on these India cameras? Hell, were they even made in India or are they british? It looks like a solid camera and built well. Fortunately, it will not see the use that say, my digital gets so it wont wear out as fast. I need to get my hands on it before I start playing with lens combinations. Unfortunately, I sold off a bunch of my lenses since I am on the road for the foreseeable future.

Jim Galli
25-Jun-2008, 11:58
Probably not as nice as their british ancesters but I have to believe that India 1880's was probably a pretty primitive place as far as sophisticated manufacturing. Actually the finish is far better than a lot of the later stuff like Rajah Deardorff knock off's. Just slightly down from the finish that the UK cameras enjoyed in that period.

25-Jun-2008, 16:41
eh, finish does not matter to me, just functionality and staying together. Sounds good to me.