View Full Version : Good Source for E-6 Processing in Western U.S.

Matt Long
23-Jun-2008, 13:42
My usual local source for LF E-6 processing is out of commission for a couple of weeks. While their work is usually pretty good, I have had a few damaged images in the past. I thought that this may be an opportune time to perhaps try another lab. So ... what would be your recommendations for a good pro lab for E-6 processing in the western U.S./Rocky Mountain region? Thanks!

Jim Becia
23-Jun-2008, 16:12
I like Photocraft in Boulder, CO. Very reasonable and good. Jim

Bob Salomon
23-Jun-2008, 16:59
Denver Pro Photo

Mark Mellen
23-Jun-2008, 17:11
I have used Reed Imaging in Denver, a fewtimes and was very happy with there pricing and quality for the times I did use them.
I visited them whilst in Denver on a Shoot and was given a tour of there facility and was quite impressed with there operation... Best of Luck...Mark

Don Boyd
24-Jun-2008, 07:26
Here are two that I have used without problems and their prices are reasonable:

Photocraft, Boulder - http://www.photocraftlab.com/

Photo Concepts, Phoenix - http://www.photoconcepts.net/processing/index.html

Jon Wilson
27-Jun-2008, 20:25
Media Specialties in Boise, ID. They process E-6 in all sizes up through at least 11x14

Eric James
27-Jun-2008, 20:38
Not exactly what you're looking for Matt, but others may find this info useful:

There is no longer a pro lab in Seattle:


With this new development, I will be sending my film to Keller's in Anchorage.


27-Jun-2008, 20:58
It's in the Gateway to the West, but the lab I use is Allied Photocolor in St. Louis. Currently 4x5 chromes are $2.75 and 8x10's are $4.50. I've used them for a couple of years with complete satisfaction. They also handle a full range of printing services as well as B&W, etc. www.Alliedphotocolor.com

al olson
28-Jun-2008, 06:31
Southern Lights Photography in Durango does great work on E-6. Their dip 'n' dunk system processes everything up to 8x10. They also do b&w and C-41 (35 & 120) and digital as well.

They are located in the Laurlin Building, on the corner of 15th Street and Main Avenue. This is the only lab I know of that continues to expand their offerings. They are currently adding a photo store at the front of the building.

Southern Lights ships as well. You can reach them at Southern Lights Photo: Owner and Manager-Ralph Shearer Phone (970) 385-6920.

Gordon Moat
30-Jun-2008, 10:56
Chrome (http://www.chromedigital.com/e6.html) in San Diego. I have been using them for over ten years; highly recommended.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)