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23-Jun-2008, 11:06
hi, I recently bought a kodak specialist 5x7 camera, and some film from china which is 5x7 inches, but on mesuring the holders I have, I find they are smaller than 5x7 by a fraction.... I have ordered some more modern plastic holders, hoping that this will fix my problem... has anyone else come accross this problem, and if so... how did you get round it? do you need to cut the film, because this seems very difficult to do in a dark room
many thanks

23-Jun-2008, 11:17
What part did you measure?

5x7 is smaller then 5x7 by a fraction. So if you measured the inside of the holder then you might not have a problem.

Did you try loading any?

Glenn Thoreson
23-Jun-2008, 11:17
5X7 film is not exactly 5X7. It's slightly smaller. This has been discussed before and there should be posts with the exact measurements, if you search.

23-Jun-2008, 11:27
the holder that I have is an antique one and only seems to have one groove in it, the one for the dark slide... there is no groove under the dark slide groove for the film to si in. Also there is a sprung bi-metal strip on the back of the holder which would seem to only serve to push ths film up and kink it. the dark slide measures 5 and 1/8 and the space for the film is 4 and 3/4, I did manage to get a film in there, but had to force it nad it allowed some light in, and the spring forced the film up against the dark slide and scratched it on the way out.. the length appears to be 6 and 1/2

Glenn Thoreson
23-Jun-2008, 11:34
Sounds like you have an old glass plate holder. You need to buy the proper holders. Any brand will work fine, as will any age if in good condition. Proper holders hold two sheets of film. The holders you ordered will be right for the film. I can't guarantee they'll be right for the camera, though, as I don't know what back it has on it. Picture??

23-Jun-2008, 11:50
hi there, that is so obvious now you have said it, thank you very, very much... I will have to send an image of the camera when I learn how to do that.... my god I am having a bad day................ thanks again glenn

23-Jun-2008, 14:24
I had (recently sold) a Kodak Half-Plate camera, it was a S-2 Ground Camera or something, I had the same issue with one of the holders that it arrived to me with. I bought some 5x7 holders and they fitted fine. Grab yourself modern holders and have fun.

Glenn Thoreson
23-Jun-2008, 14:34
It looks like a standard back to me. Your new holders should work just fine. You have a fine camera there. I hope you enjoy it. :D

Pete Watkins
23-Jun-2008, 14:44
Oh Ash, your a student, how the heck can you afford 5x7 holders over here. Cheap 5x7's are as rare as unicorn crap, reveal your sources, PLEASE!

John Kasaian
23-Jun-2008, 15:45
When life hands you plate holders---it's time to start learning how to coat glass plates! :D

Ole Tjugen
23-Jun-2008, 23:16
You could also try to get hold of some 5x7" film adapters for 5x7" plate holders?

Hm... I think I may have a box of them somewhere - if someone finds them difficult to find, it could be because I have them all...

W K Longcor
24-Jun-2008, 08:08
Cheap 5x7's are as rare as unicorn crap, reveal your sources, PLEASE!

When I retired -- I packed away a box FULL of 5x7 holders and shoved them in the store-room --- with many, many other boxes. If only I could remember WHICH box! Maybe I'll start digging -- and make some of you guys happy (?) It may take a while -- toward the end, I was getting real sentimental about stuff - kept tons of garbage I should have dumped! Way too many boxes!:eek:

24-Jun-2008, 16:47
Looks like an interesting camera. Can anyone say what it is? Paul?

Pete Watkins
24-Jun-2008, 23:03
Thanks Ole & WK. I only have 3 5x7's but I've got quiet a lot of half plate holders (some never used) so I have to compromise by cutting 5x7 down and trying to remember the smaller size when I'm looking at the ground glass.

29-Jun-2008, 21:01
thank you all for these replies, in answer to pete, I got the holders by chance from the states, ...5 were $100... not cheap, but I have them now..... and John, I would love to learn how to coat glass plate... how do ya?

Gene McCluney
2-Jul-2008, 00:18
I have to disagree with 5x7 holders being rare. They are not, particularly in the USA. 5x7 was one of the most common portrait studio size holders, with literally millions of shots made, 2 exposures to a sheet with 5x7 sliding backs. Each final image was 3.5 x 5. I have purchased over 100 5x7 holders in the last year, some on this forum, some via ebay, and the average price I have paid is less than $10 per holder...many of the holders I have are the older all-wood holders, which work just peachy-fine.