View Full Version : Advice sought re Fuji 600, 24" RDA, 550 XXL

Richard K.
23-Jun-2008, 08:02
I will be receiving a 14 x17 camera in the next few months and am curious as to how the Fuji 600 CS, 24" Red Dot Artar and 550 Schneider XXL compare. Specifically, would there be any noticeable difference on a contact print? I was surprised to see that I didn't see (!?) much difference (they both seem to go equally softer in the extreme corners) WITH A LOUPE between the Fuji 600 and 24" RDA but just on whole-plate film but with movements maxed on the camera. If the Fuji is rated for 620 mm IC, then this RDA must be as well. The Fuji cost more than the RDA and so far doesn't seem to be THAT much better. The XXL will be another serious factor increase in price and I'm wondering if it's worth it. I would appreciate hearing of your comparisons or thoughts on this! Thanks! :confused:

Don Hutton
23-Jun-2008, 08:15

I have only used the 24 RDA and the Fuji (on 12x20) - both should be extremely sharp right into the corners - providing way more than sufficient resolution for tack sharp contact prints. The RDA is a little lower contrast than the Fuji - probably the multicoatings of the Fuji doing their thing so to speak. The Fuji is also pretty flare resistant, so that may or not be a factor. I have not used the 550, but I believe it is incredibly sharp and contrasty - it is also extremely pricey and coloosal in size and weight next to the other two lenses. I sold my 24 RDA some time back and kept the Fuji (the Fuji was lighter and I thought performed a little better, but they do just draw a little differently). It's an awesome lens.