View Full Version : angulon 165mm 6.8 users?

22-Jun-2008, 15:19

I can get my hands on one for around 130 dollars in a working shutter,
looks like the coated version post WW2, in a very old compur shutter

any thoughts? sharpness? Bokeh?

I work on 8*10 (which it seems to cover at f22),
so it would make a nice wide-angle?

btw, I don't mind a 'soft' look,
should I go for it?



22-Jun-2008, 15:34
If you decide that you don't want it, please PM me -- I'd like to have it. Thanks.

E. von Hoegh
22-Jun-2008, 15:36

A good Angulon is a fine lens. There seem to be large sample-to-sample variations in the performance though. I use a 90 on 4x5, and love it.

Can you get a trial before you commit yourself? To be fair, you should evaluate it at F:16 or F:22. Check your fucus at the shooting aperture. I used a 165 on 8x10 and was vert happy with it. Foolishly, I didn't buy it.

If it's a good one, $130 sounds like a steal.

Ole Tjugen might be the guy to ask about Angulons.

Allen Rumme
22-Jun-2008, 15:48

I use the 165 primarily on 5x7 and I'll pass along a couple of observations. First, it is not as contrasty as more modern optics, so I've found that I need a bit more development for negatives produced with it. Second, my example is not the sharpest thing in the world when stopped down all the way to f/32. It is pretty good at f/16 and begins to degrade by f/22. I've used it on 8x10 a few times and I have not been pleased with the sharpness at the edges of the image, although it would probably be adequate for contact printing.

Ole Tjugen
23-Jun-2008, 00:16
I have used mine most on 5x7", when I need a wide-ish lens and not a wide lens.

I find mine quite "contrasty" enough: http://www.bruraholo.no/images/Lodalen_GF.jpg