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22-Jun-2008, 10:47
Hello everyone.

I would like to invest in a new large format system that I can use with both film and my digi back but am finding that this is not easy ( or cheap ! ). I bought a Silvestri flexicam after testing it with a Phase one back but found I could only shoot landscape with my H back ( unless I turned the camera on it's side ! ) so it went back to the store. I can't seem to find any sliding backs for large format which can be used landscape and portrait with the H system. If I can't sort this out I would still like to buy a field camera for film work and like the look of the Wista SP. I know it is possible to buy an adaptor for my EOS ( why you might ask ? ) but I'm not sure if this would only allow for close-up work.

I would be interested to hear any opinions on shooting with a field camera and 35mm for portraits and if anyone is using an H back with a a field camera as well.



Bob Salomon
22-Jun-2008, 11:23
Linhof makes a shift back that can use Hasselblad H, V, Contax 645 or Mamiya 645 AF compatible backs. It fits the Technika 3000 directly and older Master Technikas either directly or via a slight modification to the camera. It also fits earlier Technikas but, except for the 3000, the beds don't drop far enough for use with lenses like a 35mm.

The shift backs for the Linhof M679 will also do what you want. They accept the same backs as the Technika shift back and can be used on any modern Linhof Kardan, Sinar or Cambo with the proper adapter.

22-Jun-2008, 11:50

Have you ever heard of ARCA-SWISS ? ? ?

I use an ARCA-SWISS 6x9 METRIC with the ARCA ROTASLIDE adapter .
That allows to use any digital back , which can be adapted via a HASSELBLAD adapter .( I am not a 100% shure , but I believe , there are also other adapters)
The rotate function is of course not neccessary , when you use a square sensor back .
This slide adapter is of great mechanical quality .
If you want to know more , come back and I will help you .

Regards Jürgen