View Full Version : S/S development for TMY2

22-Jun-2008, 10:22
What might my dilution and agitation procedures be for semi-stand development?

TMY2 in Pyrocat-HD
TMY2 sheet film developed in tubes
TMY2 rated @ 300
normal contrast scene
negative to be scanned with V700 and output to epson 3800

As I transition to using scanned film files to print, I want to transition from HP5 film.
17 inch printer now, maybe 24 in a couple years. I also have a 5 by 7 and need to decide if I'm getting in on the pre-order for Glazers/tmy2/5 by 7. Thanks for any help!


Ron Marshall
22-Jun-2008, 12:30
I developed TMY by semi-stand using Pyrocat to control highlights in contrasty light; the results were excellent.

I used 1:1:100, with constant adgitation for the first min, then 10 seconds every 3 min. Time was 50% longer than recommended time for the dilution and temp for inversion processing. I don't have the recommended time handy, if I remember correctly I got it from the Massive Development chart or from the literature that came with the Pyrocat.

I recommend using my time as a starting point and trying a couple of test sheets with non-critical negs.