View Full Version : 4x10 film and Jobo Expert 3005

Guillaume Zuili
28-Jan-2001, 13:30
Hi, I will receive soon a 4x10 back. I'm guessing I can process these 4x10 film in my Expert Drum 3005 which is made for 8x10.I think it should work fine. Has anyone tried yet ? Thank you for reply.

Darryl Peck
29-Jan-2001, 00:33
You should have no trouble using the Jobo. But what I did, was to have 8x10 film holders cut to be 4x10 by removing some of the stainless steel and rewelding it. Works fine.

William Marderness
4-Feb-2001, 22:26
This will work. I use the 3005 drum to process 4x5 with no problem. Jobo tech confirmed that this is okay.