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22-Jun-2008, 06:05

Bought a box of 4x5 TMAX 400 and TMAX-RS developer to try. I also have Perceptol but I do not know which would give me better shadow detail. I would like to try this combination but would like a time suggestion for use in a Combi tank at say 70 degrees - I shot at ISO400. The best deleoper load time I get on the Combi tank is 35-45 seconds so I need to factor this in and would like a longer dev time that doesn't give into much of an increase in grain. I figure the datashet suggests around 7.5 minutes at 70 degrees with the 1:7 dilution. Is the 1:7 dilution a good compromise for what I said?

I'll also be using Ilford Hypam fixer (all I have and use). Should I folow the 3-5 minutes suggested for Kodak Rapid Fixer with the Hypam or should I go longer as the suggest when using the other Kodak fixers?

NOTE: The TMAX 400 4x5 (green letters on white background) has a label that says "(New) TMY #4053 4x5/50" with a SKU of KOTMY4550Q. I've added this since there seems to be discussions about the differences of the TMY versions (4016, 4043) and this box I have says 4053 ! ! ! Expiration date of 5/2010EMUL 102 CAT 843 8202. Forgive a newbie for possibly giving too much info.


John Kasaian
22-Jun-2008, 07:30
I've used 8x10 Tmax 400 in Tmax RS and have had IMHO excellent results. Rated at asa 400, 7 minutes at approx 70 deg F in a Unicolor processor which is constant agitation so I'd reckon 7-1/2 minutes would be a good starting point with a Combi though I must say that I've never used a Combi but rotary processors usually take a bit less time & 1/2 minute is a "bit" less, eh?

My thoughts on TMY---

1)Don't be concerned about grain
2)It is very forgiving, perhaps even more so than TXP

22-Jun-2008, 07:42
Thanks John. I'm rather new to film and LF and, heck, I've bitten off a lot to learn at the same time. Much thanks.

22-Jun-2008, 07:44
Tmax is excellent in Xtol 1:1 or 1:3. Just be careful to be sure all of Part A is dissolved before adding Part B when mixing xtol. My times are around 7.45' for 1:1 and 11.5' for 1:3.

22-Jun-2008, 08:02
Thanks Toyon. But I'm really looking more on either using TMAXRS. As a newbie, I want to stick with just 2 developers at this time and minimize my variables. The other developer being Perceptol which I use for Acros.

22-Jun-2008, 08:11
Not to drag this out ...

John is talking about continuous agitation in drum. Since I will use the Combi (all I have and no darkroom possible), what agitation should I be looking at with TMAT-RS?

Normally, I would do a 1-minute (inversion) agitation to start followed by 5 seconds (inversion agitation) every minute when using Perceptol which gives me nice results using the Combi.

Thanks to all for helping.