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21-Jun-2008, 15:19
Have been looking around for a better 4x5 field camera, I do Not need any suggestions have bought one: But I ran across a Toyo 4-3/4x6-1/2 but listed as a 4x5 ???? iis it or is it something else: Just being nosey !Lauren :)

21-Jun-2008, 15:51
This was one of the early Toyo cameras, not dissimilar from the Toyo A metal field. It was made in the old plate size, but 4x5 reducing backs were available.

Joanna Carter
21-Jun-2008, 16:07
Actually, 4 3/4 x 6 1/2 is half plate not plate size. :)

21-Jun-2008, 16:49
thank you both it was one of those dumb question i needed answered:

Gene McCluney
21-Jun-2008, 21:08
I have one of these half-plate Toyo's and I love it. I got it with the 4x5 back, but I made (adapted) a 5x7 back from an old wood camera (I just had the back only), and I use it almost exclusively for 5x7 work. It is great. It takes a Crown Graphic lensboard, unlike newer Toyo field cameras, so I can have a large variety of lenses mounted on Crown Graphic boards for both my Crown and Super Graphic cameras and the Toyo. With the 5x7 back, it makes about the lightest 5x7 field camera imaginable, and it has plenty of movements. It is a little known fact that Toyo bought the rights to produce the Super Graphic camera from Graflex/Singer and continued production in Japan for some time of this great camera in addition to their own field cameras.

22-Jun-2008, 00:31

These often come up on eBay. I watch them for pricing. Have this one on my watch list. This one has the 4X5 back, which appears to be changeable from landscape to portrait mode. It's a rather early Toyo, and a bit bigger than the current run of comtemporary field cameras in 4X5.