View Full Version : Lens Board hold for 65mm Super Angulon

John Schadl
26-Jan-2001, 11:45
I just purchased an F8 65mm Super Angulon for my 4x4 Crown Graphic.

It looks like it will need a 25mm or 26mm opening, does anyone know the precise size? Is this a copal 00?

Thanks John

David Grandy
27-Jan-2001, 18:49
I use that exact lens on my old Toyo Field camera that takes 4X4 Graflex lens boards. The opening in the board seems to be about 26 mm. That's measured as well as I can with a ruler.

The shutter is not likely to be a Copal though, more likely a Compur. I've seen three or four of these lenses and they have all been (mine included) on Compur's. I guess there is no reason why this lens could not be retro fitted to a Copal. If there's a pain in the butt with this vintage Compur's, it's that there is no lever for opening the lens to focus. You have to put the lens on B, then lock your cable release to keep the shutter open.

Mine has no markings indicating what size of shutter it would be (compared to a Copal) but I can say that it's pretty small.

Kevin M Bourque
28-Jan-2001, 10:07
Hi John -

I have one of those lenses, and the Compur shutter fits perfectly in a #00 hole. Go get your #00 hole saw and have at it!