View Full Version : Need help identifying a used lens (new to LF photo)

Cleeo W. Wright
30-Mar-2001, 11:49
I'm just beginning in LF photography thanks to a friend who gave me his old (25 years +) LF equipment. One of he peices of equipment that he gave me is a WA le ns of unknown focal length. I'm trying to identify the focal length of this len s. The lens has the following markings:

Schneider - Kreuznach Angulon 1:6,8/90 5496435

Any help with this or pointers to resources for finding information about the le ns would be greatly appreciated.

One other quesiton - There seems to be an indication that the min aperature is f /90 but the aperature ring only has markings to f/32.

Boy I have a lot to learn....

Andy Biggs
30-Mar-2001, 11:58
The lens is an f6.8 lens (maximum), 90mm.


James Colburn
30-Mar-2001, 12:04
It's a Schneider Angulon 90mm f/6.8 wide angle lens and was made sometime between Feb '57 and May '59. If it's in good condition it'll be a decent performer on 4x5. Do a Google search on "Angulon" to find out more info.

Cleeo W. Wright
30-Mar-2001, 12:12
Thanks folks...! I know I'm going to have to feel pretty stupid for a while. I appreciate the info.

Paul Schilliger
30-Mar-2001, 13:09
Cleeo, you don't have to feel stupid, we all started from point zero! Additiona l technical infos can be found on Schneider website. Angulons were the predecessors of todays Super-Angulons.


Charlie Stracl
30-Mar-2001, 17:45
To decipher the markings on the lens:

Schneider - Kreuznach Angulon 1:6,8/90 5496435

Manufacturer is Schneider - Kreuznach is the name of the manufacturer 1:6,8 means the largest aperture is f 6.8 (Many European countries interchange "."s and ","s in number from the US/British way. (Japanese use 10,000's instead of 1,000's for groupings so these things vary with different cultures.)

90 = the focal length of the lens, not the smallest aperture.

Angulon is the name of the lens design

The other number is probably the serial number.

I have a 90mm Angulon, too, which I like. It has virtually no spare image circle for movements, but straight on it performs well for me.