View Full Version : Wista Focussing Cloth?

19-Jun-2008, 23:28
Anyone have knowledge about the Wista Focussing Cloth... good, bad, indifferent? I'm considering purchasing their 33"x39" Velvet cloth (green and black), advertised as "without Touch Fasteners." But... firstly I have not idea what a touch fastener is, and secondly... how well it it will work on a Linhof Master Technika. Assuming that since Wista and Linhof are fairly similar it should work well. Not a cheap item, so hoping for some input on how well they work in use.

I realize focus cloths have been discussed considerably on this Forum... and I've read with interest all discussions over the last few months. I started out with double black T-shirts which worked OK... then purchased a BlackJacket after reading glowing reports others had posted, but the BlackJacket does not meet my likings and I've gone back to black T-shirts (the BlackJacket will be offered for sale very shortly). Hoping to find something else that works well.


Bob Salomon
20-Jun-2008, 02:09
Works fine. Has velcro to keep it snug. Photomark stocks them.

20-Jun-2008, 10:09
Thanks Bob... called them and they talked me out of the Wista... sold me a CPM Delta instead. Fellow says the Wista clothes they can get doesn't have the velcro... only the elastic. Appreciative of the info. -Glenn-

21-Jun-2008, 20:07

I vood highly recommend the Ebony version because it can be used as a water-proof covering if you are caught out in a rainstorm. They are waterproof.

A forum member name Rob Skeoch sells them.


Lachlan 717
21-Jun-2008, 23:24

Make sure you also look at the Black Jacket hoods.

The ventilated one is great in the heat!!


22-Jun-2008, 08:20
My self I got a reflector cloth from calumet online auction, total cost to me 20.00
its a CalumetMedium 3D Flat Front Panel, Silver/Black 44x58" and it works fine , But then again I am not that fussy , but the panel does have a velcro tab in each corner: