View Full Version : Any Horseman SW612 users?

John Schneider
18-Jun-2008, 13:23
I realize that this isnít quite LF, but since many LF users also shoot 6x12, I was hoping someone had a dedicated 612 system as well.

Iíve managed, over time, to acquire all the parts for a SW612, and all I need now is the lens cone. I have a 65 Grandagon and Schneider helical mount that I want to use, and I also have CAD and CNC capability to make the lens cone. What Iím looking for is the height of a Horseman lens cone for a 65mm lens. I realize that there will be some shimming involved regardless, but if someone could measure the cone height from the flange that mates to the body to some reference point on the lens, that would give me a good starting point for my design. Thanks for any help.

18-Jun-2008, 17:46
Why don't you mount your 65mm lens on a 4x5 camera, focus to infinity and measure the film plane - lens distance?

Dave - Landscapes
22-Jun-2008, 01:48
John, try this. All measurements are taken with a vernier caliper so should be close but I can't guarantee them especially not to 0.001"!

Focussed at infinity, the distance from the front face of the camera to the front of the focussing mount (ie the back face of the shutter where the lever is that sets the f stops) on mine is 1.924". The cone has a raised light trap (?) which goes into the camera body by an extra 0.056" but at the 4 corner screws that attach the cone to the body, it goes in slightly further. That dimension changes then from 0.056" to 0.068".

At the closest focus the 1.924" dimension becomes 2.244".