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17-Jun-2008, 20:42
A friend gave me a lens, and I think it might be a hybrid.

Front cell says Ensign Anastigmat Series VIIN, rear cell not marked
in E. Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter.

I can't find info for that lens but thought it was for something like 1/4 plate 3-ish by 4-ish.

But the pair of cells focus at about 10"...a lot longer than necessary for 1/4-plate?

I note that the front cell is negative and the rear positive...



18-Jun-2008, 04:38
Ensign were a UK company, they manufactured cameras. They were an an amalgamation of older UK companies along with Ross the highly regarded optical company.

I've never seen any of the lenses used on Ensign cameras fitted in a Kodak shutter, they usually used Epsilon shutters.

They made quite a wide range of cameras some may well have been half-plate/whole plate and larger.


18-Jun-2008, 08:35
Thanks Ian.

My friend implied there may have been some Franken-lensing going on.

I'll give it a try...

Glenn Thoreson
18-Jun-2008, 11:30
It's probably been remounted into that Ball Bearing shutter. There are some small dial set Compurs of the period that would make a much better shutter for what could be a very good lens. Those Ball Bearing shutters are rarely anywhere near accurate, except B&T, and I wouldn't bet on that. I know, I have a number of 'em.

18-Jun-2008, 12:46
Yeah, either bad shutter, bad iris, or both. When you get enough bad ones it makes the risk of making one worse by working on it less scary.