View Full Version : Source for 49mm center filter ???

Nacio Jan Brown
29-Mar-2001, 22:27
I am looking for a center filter with 49mm (male) threads for an older 65mm f/8 Super Angulon. B&H lists a Heliopan 49mm male x 67mm female threads, but it has been discontinued and they are out of stock. No luck with Calumet, either. Any ideas? TIA, njb

Robert White
30-Mar-2001, 08:36
Sadly we cannot obtain 49mm Centre filters this side of the Atlantic either......we are nowsuggesting people use a stepping ring from 49mm to 52mm, not an ideal I know but at least it gets you working......other than that keep your eyes peeled for a s/h Schneider filter, they do crop up, often with the Plaubel Pro-Shift Good luck Robert

Bob Salomon
30-Mar-2001, 10:52
We still have two 49mm 0.9 density heliopan center Filters in stock which can be ordered from any U.S. camera store.

Bob Salomon
30-Mar-2001, 11:51
There is now only one left