View Full Version : HELP! 4x5 box camera---need short holders

13-Jun-2008, 23:26
Hello, fellow gear heads!!!!

I've got this neat little dilemma.

I have a 4x5 box camera with one plate holder. The holder fits between springs inside a reservoir in the rear of the camera instead of in the very back like a crown graphic or modern view camera. The plate holder is shorter than a traditional 4x5 holder (5 1/4 inches instead of a new Lisco at 7 3/8 inches).

I can relocate the keeper springs inside the camera to hold a regular film holder, but I need a short version of film holders that will fit inside the camera with the lid closed.

Does anyone know whether short film holders were ever made, and if so do you have any or know of someone who might either have them or could make them?

Thanks, everybody.


14-Jun-2008, 04:12
Have one will cost you the postage only to you , a piece of the wood need to re glued and the black slide needs to be repaired : advise by E:Mail
mine is 4-3/4 wide by 6-3/4 overall

Glenn Thoreson
14-Jun-2008, 17:34
The film holders are kind of hard to come by and plate holders have been escalating in price. If you can't find film holders or plate holders with film sheaths, the guts out of old Graphic 4X5 film holders make perfect sheaths for the plate holders. Due to a poor auction desciption and some luck, I just got 3 excellent plate holders with Kodak sheaths for very little money. My box camera is now fully equipped and ready to shoot. Hope you enjoy yours.