View Full Version : 305mm Graphic Kowa convertibility question

Michael Nagl
13-Jun-2008, 12:17
Dear Colleagues,

I have just bought a 305mm/f:9 Graphic Kowa - which allegedly equals a Computar - on the *bay, and as the lens is in a barrel, IŽll get a shutter from SK Grimes. Now hereŽs what I want to know: IŽve read somewhere on this forum that this lens can be converted into a 537mm by using the rear element only - now, this would make a second aperture scale necessary. Can any of you provide me any information what this scale would look like, what value it would start with etc. A picture would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance for your competent advice

13-Jun-2008, 12:49
305/9= 34
in round numbers