View Full Version : okay so i did not have a worthy tripod.....

12-Jun-2008, 19:24
my brother was leaving for Co. i have many many cameras and lenses....but for some reason none were available. we used what we had. i supplied the tripod........

12-Jun-2008, 19:59
can we say overkill? :D

Glenn Thoreson
12-Jun-2008, 20:14
I think it needs to be a little bigger. :D

Turner Reich
12-Jun-2008, 20:15
Nice Herringbone floor!

David A. Goldfarb
12-Jun-2008, 20:17
Do you have a basement with a concrete floor, so you don't get any vibrations from the wood floor?

arkady n.
13-Jun-2008, 05:41
I would check the final photos with a loupe to make sure there are no blurry areas :D

13-Jun-2008, 07:56
just wanted to be sure we had some good photos....

vann webb
14-Jun-2008, 21:01
Is that a tripod or an endtable? LOL.

Jim Ewins
14-Jun-2008, 23:28
Where is the quick disconnect?

18-Jun-2008, 00:42
seriously, you could land a small plane on that thing.

18-Jun-2008, 01:37
Sort of looks like when I put the Rollei TLR on the Reis pod and double tilt A-250 head instead of the 8x10...LOL! but whatever works!


Michael Graves
18-Jun-2008, 05:26
Didn't you have a problem with the electonic shutter setting up a resonance vibrations, making the photo useless?

18-Jun-2008, 09:23
Obviously the tripod was worthy.. But I think that camera may have some illusions of grandeur. =]