View Full Version : Where can I buy optical cement?

12-Jun-2008, 18:40
I've done a google search and didn't come up with anything in the first couple of pages. Just wondering what others have used. I've got my eye on some objective lenses at Surplus shed, but they don't come cemented.

Alternatively, can I just place them in contact with each other, or does the cement fill in spaces created by perhaps less than perfect grinding?

Thanks for any info.


Vick Ko
12-Jun-2008, 18:49
Go here:



12-Jun-2008, 18:53
Fantastic! Thanks!

12-Jun-2008, 20:05
How about a chunk of Canadian Basam?


Glenn Thoreson
12-Jun-2008, 20:32
Edmund Optics has UV cure lens cement that works really well. I don't think any cement will fill gaps very well, though.

12-Jun-2008, 21:28
Thanks for the responses folks! Phil, I'll pass. :) Thanks Glenn, but Vick's link has some that is able to cure just sitting at room temps on my coffee table.

Kevin Crisp
12-Jun-2008, 21:44
Edmunds, Summers has lots of variety, or if you are cheap buy a windshield repair kit and use that resin, curing it in the sun.