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William Lindley
12-Jun-2008, 11:39
Hi Folks,

I have been into photography since College (1964) I discovered this forum 10 years ago, and contributed quite a few times I see. I have been away from it for quite a few years now, and have questions!

In college, I had my own darkroom, and used small film sizes, (35, 127). I did only B&W.

When I got into 4x5 in 1998, I was keen to get into 4x5 transparancies, and found them wonderful, but the cost, now that I have retired, is prohibitive. I am a regular subscriber to View Camera Magazine for the last ten years, and have been interested in alternative processes for some time.

I am proposing to get into FP4+, Pyrocat, developing in BTZS Tubes, and printing with an antique print frame on POP and or Ziatype prints. I attended a lecture while in college by Ansel Adams, and remember his praise of the old processes, and am very excited to try some of these.

I used a yankee tank to develop my small films, and when I bought my Tachahara 4x5, (used), I also got a yankee 4x5 tank for free:confused: , which I thought I would try. After reading all over the internet, I have found that most folks would rather have their fingers cut off than use this tank. Since I got it for free, I do not feel any obligation to it. I have heard the BTZS Tubes are great, and use very little chemistry, so they sound best to me.

Please, I would like to hear others experience with the above film, developer, combination in the BTZS Tubes.

Thanks again, it's great to be back in the forum.


Amund BLix Aaeng
12-Jun-2008, 13:43
I have no experience with FP4+ , but Pyrocat HD (and PMK) I use a lot in BTZS tubes , and IMO it`s one of the best ways of developing sheet film that is. You`ll love it, perfectly evenly developed film every time. :)

Richard Wasserman
12-Jun-2008, 13:52
I don't use BTZS tubes, but FP4+in Pyrocat HD is my standard 4x5 film/developer. It's a great combination- beautiful tonality, high acutance, fine grain, etc., etc.

William Lindley
12-Jun-2008, 20:44
Thanks guys, I had hoped for more input, but you guys have helped.

Andrew O'Neill
12-Jun-2008, 21:00
I use FP4+ 4x5 and 8x10, pyrocat, and BTZS tubes. Been using the tubes for about ten years. Have never had any problems with them in both formats. I really appreciate the small amounts of developer required and find them to be very economical. I also like the fact of working with the light on after the film has been developed. It's weird at first but you'll soon get used to it.
Before developing in pyrocat, I presoak the film in water for 2 minutes. Not only does that aid in even development but also removes the anti-halation on the back of the film.
I also use the tubes for stand and semi-stand developement in very dilute pyrocat.

John Kasaian
13-Jun-2008, 00:15
I like Unicolor processors :) Take a gander at Gray Wolf Phillips article on the LF Home Page by clicking on the blue banner above.

Turner Reich
13-Jun-2008, 04:40
I use tanks and hangers, you have to pay to play, pay a little at a time and play all the time. Tray process until you get the hangers, which in 4x5 aren't that expensive and you can use plastic milk jugs cut off for the tanks. Consider stepping up to 8x10 in the future, the negatives are great for contact printing and alt. processes.