View Full Version : Jobo Expert tank for 4 x 5

11-Jun-2008, 22:48
Does anyone have a Jobo EXPERT tank for 4x5 processing?
Don't have a preference for which one it is, as long as it's from the expert series.

Or should I care which tank it is? Processing needs are fairly minimal, so not looking for high volume capability at the moment.

Thanks very much, David (cdk84)

Steve Barber
12-Jun-2008, 05:51
Are you looking for information regarding it or are you looking for one that is for sale?

Ron Marshall
12-Jun-2008, 06:10
The 3005 is for 8x10/5x7, the 3006 is for 5x7/4x5, the 3010 is for 4x5 only.


12-Jun-2008, 14:13
I say--buy the 3010 drum. It makes quick work of developing any number of 4x5's up to 10 sheets and you can use it for 5x7 if you need to. They're also pretty easily available used.