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Jeff Bannow
11-Jun-2008, 07:15
I have a Speed Graphic Pacemaker 4x5 camera and just acquired a Nikon 65mm f4 lens. This lens mounts to a copal #0 shutter. I would like to use the 65mm with the Speed without modifying the camera if at all possible.

Does it need a recessed lens board to do so? Any suggestions on where to purchase a lens board for the Speed?

Thanks in advance for the help.

- Jeff

Chauncey Walden
11-Jun-2008, 07:36
I can use a 65mm Super Angulon on mine by just dropping the bed. The lens, of course, is on the rear rails.

Dan Fromm
11-Jun-2008, 08:37
Jeff, there's an echo in this forum. Like Chauncey, I use a 65/8 Ilex (designed and made in Rochester, very much like a 65/8 SA) on my 2x3 Speed. Also a 58/5.6 Grandagon. And, but not often because I don't like it on formats larger than 6x6, a 1.75"/2.8 Elcan. All with the bed dropped.

I don't know how large your Nikon's rear cell is. if it doesn't pass through the lens throat, do what I do with the Grandy. Unscrew rear cell, attach board with shutter and front cell to front standard, screw rear cell in from behind. Reverse the process to take the lens off the camera. Fiddly, can be done.

AFAIK there are no recessed boards for 2x3 Graphics.

If you need boards, pay attention to offers on eBay and check with www.skgrimes.com. Also ask at www.mpex.com, but note that mpex no longer lists 2x3 Pacemaker Graphic boards on their site.

Stephanie Brim
11-Jun-2008, 09:59
4x5 camera. Not 2x3.

Gene McCluney
11-Jun-2008, 10:35
Yep, you can use a 65mm wide-angle (all brands) on a Pacemaker. You will probably need to leave the lens standard on the little part of the rails inside the camera, and then drop the bed, so it won't be in the field of view. You do not need a recessed lensboard or anything.

Gene McCluney
11-Jun-2008, 10:36
Midwest Camera Exchange sells brand new lensboards for Graphic cameras. They purchased the tooling for them. They have them predrilled for Copal O and 1 sizes.

Dan Fromm
11-Jun-2008, 12:24
4x5 camera. Not 2x3.Thanks for the correction. I really must have my vision checked.