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achim Casper
24-Jan-2001, 04:18
Hi, Im looking for a 600mm lens(for8x10inch).I know the Fujinon C 600.But now I have seen a 600 mm Goerz lens(Dagor/Artar?) advertised in View Camera.Know anyone th e Goerz lens.I have never bought or used a "older" lens.Is there something speci al to look when I buy one.


24-Jan-2001, 07:03
You probably saw the 24" Artar. Only 2 suggestions, make sure it's coated (single coatings only). And watch out for the shutter, it's a #5 I believe and may not be in the best of shape. You might need to buy a lens in barrel and have it mounted in a shutter. Artars are great lenses by the way.

Natha Congdon
24-Jan-2001, 11:20
The Fujinon is a wonderful lens, sharp, small, 620 mm image circle. The lens you saw is probably an Artar, but Goerz did make a few 24" Dagors (though all the catalogues say no). One is for sale at Glennview right now:


The Artar is a newer design and will be sharper, presumably. Chief advantage of the older Dagor will be coverage, in the case of a 24", it would cover 20 X 24 with extreme movements. I bought a 19" to cover 12 X 20 with lots of movement, even a 16" will supposedly cover with a fair amount of movement.

Hope this is helpful,