View Full Version : Fidelity 5x7 holders (new)

Robert Fisher
10-Jun-2008, 18:54
For those interested, Calumet has stock on new Fidelity 5x7 holders.

PS: Where can I get Kodak 400 (new) and Astia 8x10 cut to 5x7? Thanks!

Gene McCluney
10-Jun-2008, 19:49
Now thats a novelty. I thought Calumet shut down all film holder production.

Robert Fisher
10-Jun-2008, 20:51
The holders are Fidelity sold by Calumet.

David Karp
10-Jun-2008, 21:28
I think Calumet owns the company that makes these holders.

Robert Fisher
10-Jun-2008, 21:49
thanks David - I did not know that

Don Dudenbostel
11-Jun-2008, 06:28
I purchased a dozen about 6 weeks ago. They're priced at $55 each. They have plenty but I was told that there will be no more after the stock is gone.

Gene McCluney
11-Jun-2008, 10:39
Calumet, has for many years now, owned the Fidelity and Lisco film holder company, which I was under the impression was at the last operated by one person, and then (I guess) when that person retired, was closed down. Perhaps they "found" a small inventory somewhere.

David Karp
11-Jun-2008, 10:49
My understanding is that the molds are worn and the cost is too high to justify repair/replacement. As a result, when the existing parts inventory is gone, they are done making film holders.

Robert Fisher
11-Jun-2008, 10:59
Guys, I am just a happy camper whatever happened.

Wonder why these just recently appeared?