View Full Version : Compatibilty of monorail between 4x5 Super Cambo and Cambo SCIIRS ?

Darryl Roberts
10-Jun-2008, 18:43
I'm thinking of purchasing a CAMBO SCIIRS 4X5 for parts for my 4x5 Super Cambo. Does anyone know if it's monorail will fit my Super Cambo?

Thank you

11-Jun-2008, 07:54
KEH is selling a SCIIRS and claims
"* Full system compatibility with the Calumet/Combo accessory line"

Comparing the historical Super Cambo catalog found on cameraeccentric.com with KEH's listing for the SCIIRS it sure looks like monorails, lensboards and 4x5 backs would interchange.

I have interchanged 1" square monorails between various Cambo and Calumet cameras spanning at least 3 decades (from the 60's or 70's to the 90's) and never found an incompatibility. However the latest camera in my mix seems to be a Calumet 45N, not quite up to date with the SCIIRS.

Good Luck - Alan

David Karp
11-Jun-2008, 08:03
All those older 1" square monorail Cambos are compatible. Later, as they migrated to the Legend type rail, the rails changed at least once (I think 2X actually).

If you ever have any questions and want a definitive answer, call Calumet's HQ in the Chicago area, and ask for Jose. He is the LF guy there and will likely know the answers to all of your questions. Seems like a nice guy.

Darryl Roberts
18-Jun-2008, 13:53
Thank you, I got the SCIIRS and it is compatible. Well, the monorail and tripod mount were an easy switch out. I lost the tripod mount on my Super Cambo.