View Full Version : Film Supplier in Denver or Boulder Colarado?

Asher Kelman
9-Jun-2008, 17:40
Does anyone know a Camera store that supplies 8x10 and 4x5 film and/ready loads or Quickloads in the Denver or Boulder Colorado areas? That would save taking stuff on a plane both ways. Also any good processing labs?


steve simmons
9-Jun-2008, 17:45
Try Denver Pro Photo for both.

steve simmons

Keith Pitman
9-Jun-2008, 17:59
Call Denver Pro Photo first --303-698-1790. I've also had good luck having B&H ship film to me in the field. Allow enough lead time.

9-Jun-2008, 18:51
I can't remember the name of it but the one big shop in boulder had a little bit last year at this time. google it

9-Jun-2008, 19:33
For my money you buy what you need here and ship it to yourself where going to stay your first nite, thats what I did and going back I sent it ahead of me: less headaches that way:

Mark Tweed
9-Jun-2008, 20:20
Two superb film processors in the area are Photocraft in Boulder and Reed Photo in Denver. Below are their web sites and phone numbers so you can check on what film stocks they carry. Between the two I'd tip my hand in favor of Photocraft.

http://www.pcraft.com/table_of_contents.html 1.800.441.3873

http://www.reedphoto.com 303.573.8084


Kirk Gittings
9-Jun-2008, 20:35
I was in Denver today and stopped in to visit a friend/photographer who was staying at the Hyatt. Across the street is Wolf Camera. We stopped in after breakfast as I was looking for some Fuji Readyloads.......they actually laughed.

9-Jun-2008, 21:39
Is that the big half-empty Wolf downtown? I think there used to be a great store in that location and Wolf took over the spot, but there's only so much so much space you can fill with cheap ass picture frames and SD cards. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I remember a cool store--maybe it was Mile High Photo?

Kirk Gittings
9-Jun-2008, 22:48
Wasn't it Adolf Glazer before? A really good store if I remember rightly.

10-Jun-2008, 07:01
Maybe Mile High was in another location, but I remember being shocked and disappointed that such a nice store was gone and replaced with a worthless chain shop that uses a quarter of the space and had nothing of interest.

Dave Brown
10-Jun-2008, 10:06
The best place in Boulder is Jones Pharmacy. They generally have a small selection of 4x5, I don't recall any 8x10. Mike's camera may or may not have large format film, at one time they had 4x5, but I know they've cut back considerably on film stocks. Last time I was in the Camera Trader in Englewood they had both 4x5 and 8x10, but stock was spotty.

Mike Herring
10-Jun-2008, 10:22
Yes, you are absolutely right. The TSA is so terribly incompetent, it almost forced me to give up large format photography (God forbid), when I traveled by plane ! ! !
Also watch out for the crazy Navajo guides in Antelope Canyon, who throw dirt and rocks in the air to "lend the proper atmosphere" to you photographic experience. They also pushed me into a rock formation and broke the LCD screen on my Canon 1DsMKII !!!
Luckily, I had my 4x5 with me and still managed 3 or 4 good exposures.
Good luck,

For my money you buy what you need here and ship it to yourself where going to stay your first nite, thats what I did and going back I sent it ahead of me: less headaches that way:

al olson
10-Jun-2008, 10:38
I think the Denver store that is now Wolf's used to be Waxman's. Wolf, I believe, bought out Waxman's to expand their chain of Ritz, Wolf, etc.

I am not sure that Denver Pro Photo carries any 8x10 film. I was just in there yesterday. They do have a pretty good selection of 4x5. Don't recall seeing any Readyloads or Quickloads in there, though I could have overlooked them.

11-Jun-2008, 09:44

I called every pro shop in Denver and Colorado Springs (where I live) a while back looking for 4X5 E100VS for a project. Nobody had it. And that's kinda how it goes these days. I'm sure several stores have some 4X5 films in stock, but it doesn't seem like anyone stocks a complete selection. 8X10 is going to be even harder to find I think.

My local lab stopped selling film because they can't justify the volume. I'm afraid they might decide to stop processing film at all.

For processing in Denver/Boulder I have friends who use photocraft and slideprinter (aka Denver Digital Imaging). DR5 is also in the Denver area and they do some trick processing like B&W slides. Reed is supposedly good. Its a shame Qube visual stopped doing film processing because I liked them really well.