View Full Version : Deardorff front standard

9-Jun-2008, 08:48
I recently got a Deardorff V8, and it's in very good shape, but there's an issue I'd like to address. The camera is pretty rigid, but I traced the biggest source of flex to the hinge on the front standard. The hinge is attached to the front standard base with some small rivets and there's a little bit of play allowing the hinge to lift up a little bit. It's probably not affecting anything, but I'd feel better if I could tighten the hinge to the base. Has anyone had this issue or have some suggestions on tightening the hinge?

The base of the front standard looks like it's held to the front extension by a large hex bolt with a very shallow head. I was thinking of carefully unscrewing the hex bolt (any suggestions here?) and using the pressure from a small c-clamp to tighten the rivets. Does that sound like it would help or am I likely to make the rivets even looser? Thanks.