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9-Jun-2008, 07:56
:confused: Hi, im begining in the LF and I got a Plaubel Peco Profia.

I mesured the size of my lensboard hole: 55mm diameter. What size is this? Its not a Copal size, as far as I can tell. Can anyone help me? "Its probably a stupid question" as all beginers say, but I can't buy any new lenses if i dont know the reference of my lensboard hole. I searched come shutter tables, and I never found a 55mm hole

Thank you all


Dave Parker
9-Jun-2008, 08:07
Sounds like it may be a compur #2

Check this page as Grimes, for a list of various shutter sizes



Ole Tjugen
9-Jun-2008, 08:11
Click the link in my signature - and then go to "View entire thread". The mounting threads for Compur II as well as Compound 3, 4 and 5 are there.

Ole Tjugen
9-Jun-2008, 08:12
So it's a little too small to be a Compound 3, and a little too big for a Compur 2...

Dave Parker
9-Jun-2008, 08:21

Grimes is listing both the obsolete Compur 2 and the newer Compur 2 as:

55.60mm and 55.70 respectfully.

I would suspect there would be enough room for the Compur 2 that is unless, I am reading something wrong.


Ole Tjugen
9-Jun-2008, 08:37
It could be a hole for a II/5 with flange, but it's a little too big for a retaining ring. And too small for a Compur II/6.

I don't know where Grimes' dimensions are from; mine are from the Compur repair manual. :)

9-Jun-2008, 08:40
Thats about 2 1/8". Could it be an Imperial measurement shutter?

9-Jun-2008, 12:04
I once owned a Rodenstock APO-Ronar 240/9 in a Compur 1 shutter from the early 80'ies. The shutter itself was the standard size, but it had an additional sign for showing the aperture setting, so it was possible to see the setting from behind the camera. This "sign" (donīt know the exact name of it) required an extra mounting flange behind the shutter. The size of the hole in the lens board was 55 mm, just as you asked for. Could this be the answer?

10-Jun-2008, 07:30
thank you for the answers. I still can not figure aout what it is. I know PLaubel cameras like mine use Snneider lens with compur shutters, but I really cant figure whats the reference for this board. I also know that lots of models of PLaubel cameras were built with this les board hole size. Im starting tothink that I will only find old lenses that will fit this lensboard

Is there a way to adapt the board for a bigger or smaller lens?


10-Jun-2008, 07:42
Julia-- Let's back up a bit. Lensboards are interchangeable--you're not stuck with that one lensboard! You should be able to buy lensboards for your camera that will fit any modern lens and shutter. Lensboards aren't expensive and I would pick the lens you want first and then buy a lensboard to fit--it shouldn't be too difficult. The lensboard you have can go in your LF junk drawer for later trade, sale or use if you find some funky old lens.

10-Jun-2008, 08:18

Another route to consider is that the hole is not the target. The lens you want is the the important factor. The board just holds it on the camera.

You can have the hole enlarged to fit whatever lens you acquire or even have an add on plate with a smaller hole made to fit over this one. The latter is extreme, but just an illustration of what is possible.

You might consider first finding the lens you want and then have a machinist enlarge the hole to fit the shutter.