View Full Version : 4x5 holder questions

scott russell
9-Jun-2008, 05:51
1. When you acquire a ton of film holders for whatever reason (here, ebay, etc) and the last person that used them had their own little system sharpied on the labels; how to do you remove the marks/paint over them? I've just been using white out, but it doesn't go on that flat and I can see it building up if you end up painting over it a few times.

2. Most of the holders i have (many which i use) have light that can be seen through the trapping flap at the bottom when you flip it out of the holder and hold it up to a light. some really bad ones i gaff taped, but i'm not sure if it even really matters since the trap is about half an inch long and sits perfectly in its grove when it is closed and the dark slide is in.

MIke Sherck
9-Jun-2008, 10:49
I cut small adhesive labels to the appropriate size for the holder and stick it over the old labeling. Yes, over time it will build up but a judicious application of "Goo Be Gone" will clean off old labels easily.

The tape at the bottom of the film holder only serves to hold the flaps onto the holder: the flaps themselves are the light-tight component. The tape does not need to be light-proof. There's no harm in re-taping if it bothers you, just be sure that the new tape doesn't make the bottom of the film holder too thick to fit properly behind the ground glass. That is, the tape should not stick out above the surface of the film holder.


Glenn Thoreson
9-Jun-2008, 10:51
I don't bother with those little white things. If I want notes, I stick a piece of masking tape on there to write on. Most holders have a light trap groove of some kind on the hinges. Not all, though. Some old ones I have rely entirely on the hinge tape. I retape them all anyway when they need it.

9-Jun-2008, 21:47
Today, I used a paper towel dampened with acetone(hardware stores carry this), and with light scrubbing it cleaned off the
"Sharpie" ink. Keep solvent use to a minimum, as it may attack the plastic.