View Full Version : Linhof 'Baby' Technika, how old is it?

Henry Carter
8-Jun-2008, 18:57
RE: Linhof Super Technika 6X9 cm camera (latest version), serial number A781064. When was this camera manufactured?

Thanks for any information.

Bob Salomon
9-Jun-2008, 04:01

There is no latest version as Linhof discontinued the series. The last 11 cameras were made last year.

Henry Carter
9-Jun-2008, 04:31
Thanks Bob,

'Latest version' should be interpreted as the last incarnation of a now discontinued camera (i.e. it is from the 1980's or 90's, not the 50's or 60's).

Can you tell from the serial number when it was manufactured?

Henry Carter
10-Jun-2008, 05:21
According to Linhof (Munich) factory records, this camera was manufactured in 1998.