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8-Jun-2008, 15:28
Dear LF community,

I just uploaded a page featuring my second newest camera gear.
It is a beautiful piece with a nice story! Hope you like it.


It was difficult to find information on the web. Case you have anything to add or correct please be welcome.

Large format greetings,

Wagner Lungov

Jim Cole
8-Jun-2008, 16:55

What a beautiful camera and it came with such a great story. Thanks for posting.

8-Jun-2008, 17:06
Thanks for sharing that--what a fantastic story and what a great honor to be presented with such a fine camera. I love that brass lensboard.

Cesar Barreto
8-Jun-2008, 19:01
Oi, Wagner.

It's always nice to find some brazilian fellow around. It's almost so rare as the cameras you collect.
I myself am not a collector but enjoy those wood cameras and knowing that plenty of them have been around in Brazil since mid-19th century, it's a pitty we won't find more of them on such a good shape.

Greetings from Rio,

Cesar B.

Ernest Purdum
10-Jun-2008, 10:48
Cameras of this basic design were so well regarded in Japan that they remained as standard equipment for the photographers that worked at temples and other tourist and pilgrim sites for decades. They were still being made in the 1970's. Present day Tachihara's, Ikeda's, etc., still clearly show their British ancestry. In the United States, the Deardorff was for awhile the only example of this type, but now you can see the design basis in several present day American field cameras.

The "Royal Ruby" was T-P's top of the line model.

Be careful of those tripod legs. It's awfully easy to kick one out of position, possibly causing a disastrous crash.

MIke Sherck
10-Jun-2008, 11:15
I love these kinds of stories... thanks for sharing it!


11-Jun-2008, 17:36
Superb Walter. Really enjoyed that piece.

Kudos to that superbly engineered Triple Extension!

Jan Pedersen
11-Jun-2008, 17:48
Wagner, Very nice story. Thank you for sharing and enjoy the beautiful camera.